About the magazine

My Friend magazine is a lovingly produced small business venture for the interest and benefit

of our Huntingdonshire community and for the promotion of other local businesses.

My Friend magazine was first published in 2010. Since its launch the magazine has gone from strength

to strength and is now a well established part of the community it serves. Feedback from readers is

very positive; we get a great response to our competitions and many of our advertisers are regulars

which attests to the success of marketing with our magazine.

Each issue includes features on local businesses, shopping ideas encouraging readers to

shop local’, news on local events, articles and puzzles, plus our directory section ensures people

keep the magazine for when they need to call on a local business, tradesperson or service.

Occasional advertising may work if you have a specific event or offer, but for most businesses

should form part of an ongoing marketing strategy to keep your business in the public eye.

My Friend can offer your business great exposure at very reasonable rates which are discounted should you commit to repeat advertising. We also offer expert graphic design assistance to help you develop your brand and create an eye-catching advert at no extra cost. The key is maintaining visibility and keeping a consistent brand and message so people think of you when they need your particular service.

Contact us now if you would like to discuss how My Friend can help support your business.


Jacqueline Barnett, Editor

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