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May 3, 2019

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Get fit and get hitched!

January 9, 2015

Hairdresser, aspiring garden designer and mum-of-three, Danielle Hughes is on a mission. To drop three dress sizes in time for her wedding to fiancée Lee in November next year.


But with three kids – Harrison, 10; Leo, 7; and Fraser, 6; finding time to exercise isn’t going to be easy. Partner Lee, a Personal Trainer at SimplyFit in Godmanchester, is going to be training her – so the pressure is on!


Here, Danielle, 32, a ‘proper mint’ Geordie, talks openly about the challenges of losing weight and why she put it on in the first place:


So Danielle, why do you want to lose weight?
To be healthy and look mint in a wedding dress Mint is Geordie for ‘good.’
It’s really brave of you to share your weight loss challenge with us. Why did you decide to do it?
In my head if I’m being public about it, then there’s more pressure to do it.
Are you nervous about people reading this?

A little bit.
What’s your current weight?
18 stone and 1 lb, and I’m a size 18-20.
What’s your goal weight?
My goal is more dress size than weight. I’d like to get down to a size 14-16 for my wedding.
Have you always struggled with your weight?
I have always been overweight as an adult. I put weight on as a teenager when I was 13 when my mum and dad split up. That gave me an emotional attachment to food and then it was just about a general lack of fitness and exercise. I put on four stone when I was pregnant with Harrison, lost half of it, then put on a stone with Leo. Then I had Fraser straight away so didn’t really get a chance to lose weight between those two. Then I had three kids and that became my priority.
How do you feel about losing weight?
It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years but really struggling with since having kids. I get quite unhappy about it at times although it doesn’t affect my general happiness. I just get very emotional about it.
What will be the hardest thing for you?
Staying motivated. It’s hard with the responsibilities I’ve got, the kids and having my own business. As soon as I get a bit stressed when I am busy it’ll be hard not to get into comfort eating and use that as an emotional crutch.
Do you feel pressure to lose weight because your partner’s a Personal Trainer?
Well, yeah. I feel it’s important to support Lee and being healthier would be a way to support him.
What will it be like training with your husband? Do you bicker?
We actually started training earlier this year but I stopped because of the school holidays. We haven’t really bickered but I get a bit bossy with him. I find it difficult to do what he tells me! **Lee and Danielle are both laughing at this point.
What about you Lee? Do you find it hard training Danielle?
I love my job. It gives me a lot of satisfaction encouraging and motivating people to lead a healthier lifestyle. As for working with my wife (that’s how he refers to Danielle), I haven’t got a problem with it. It’s the other way round!
Danielle, you’ve agreed to write a regular blog for us sharing your weight loss journey up to your wedding next year. You’ve been amazingly open so far. Can we expect the same in your blog?
I feel quite excited about sharing everything with the readers. I’m going to be really honest. Share all my melodramas! All the challenges and difficulties.


Danielle’s next blog will include details of her workouts with Lee as well the story of how they met.


To contact Lee, Owner and Personal Trainer at SimplyFit in Godmanchester tel: 07713 459 036


Post messages of support on Facebook via My Friend Magazine or Twitter via @myfriendmag.

Or tweet Danielle and Lee direct at: @dcolletteh @SimplyFitLee including the hashtag: #GetFitAndGetHitched.


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